Another year, another trip through Spain. With the bike loaded up with gear I took ferry from Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona on the mainland to embark on my largely unplanned trip around Spain. Heading south through Aragon and Velencia to Andalucia before turning northwards through Castille la Mancha and Castille y Leon to Galicia. Heading west through Asturias and Cantabria I crossed into Navarra and headed into the Spanish pyrenees in Aragon and Cataluña before dropping down to Barcelona and the ferry home. Great scenery, great people, superb food and the odd beer along the way. Thankfully the bike behaved perfectly once more and, apart from riding through a brush fire, the trip was incident free.
Once again, thanks to JoJo for her tolerence and encouragement!


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The Route

Arriving into Barcelona, we're off!

Day two. First proper day riding and it doesn't take long to get off the beaten track! Once I strated along this road I remember I'd been on it going the other way last year.

Hope the luggage stays on....

Impressively bleak view.

A nice spot to stop I thought, on the A-1702 in Aragon.

There's a Gladius under there somewhere.

Why I do these trips!

Villarluengo in Aragon province, hard to see from the photo but it's built on the top of a rocky outcrop and drops off into the valley below. You can just about see it on the right of the photo.

I've arrived!

The view in front of the Hostal in Gúdar.

The village of Gúdar, pretty wee place.

Obligatory artsy shot...

Nice view from 1650m! Second night stop in Gúdar, Aragon.

Pleased with where I ended up today!

Not a bad view...

Back road into the village, of course that's the way I came in!

Looking down on the village from above.

Day Three. En route to Riopar, I travelled these roads last year so don't snap many pics this time. Here's a tree....

On route to Riópar in Castile-La Mancha. I only parked on the track - there's a nice tarmac road behind me!

Day Four. I stoppped for two nights in Riopar, Castilla la Mancha so I drove to the lake for lunch!

Looking down on the lake, Embalse del Tranco in Jaén

About the cross over the dam.

I love it here.

Bit more gratuitous scenery...

Water level's looking a bit low. This was the far end of the lake so I turned round and rode back to the dam for lunch.

Old derelict building in the woods.

Nice bit of post lunch scenery

Climbing again.

Back on the highway.... ;-)

Not sure if you'll see this but the white tip is actually a house. Very cool!

Grumpy looking git!

A Bridge...


Another pretty lake

Fire risk: High

It's little wonder there are so many fires in summer, scarily dry everywhere. I did have to drive through one that they were still putting out, I wish now I'd snapped some pics but I decided at the time it was better to keep moving!


Southern Galicia

Hillside village in Galicia

A bit more scenery from Galicia, heading northwards along the OU-533.

Heading up another lump.

Heading up to 1500m on the AS-213 from Castille y Leon to Asturias



Guess we're at the top. El Palo at 1142m on the AS-14, Asturias

And down we go again...

There she is!

Embalse de Salime in Asturias on the AS-14

Looking down on the rio Auguiera in Asturias on the AS-12

Really green here compared to the rest of Spain.

I mean, why would anyone want to ride up here? AS-12 if you're interested, along the Rio Navia.

End of the day's ride. Baul, Asturias, very nice wee pueblo with a great 20E an night Hostal!

Local architecture, very different from southern Spain.

The high street, Baul.

Funny how all my rooms ended up looking pretty much like this after about 5 minutes of checking in!

If you've ever wondered whether the beaches of Cantabria were worth a visit, this should clear it up for you. Playa de Cueva, west of Valdés on the N-634.

Cantabrian hillsides

AS-117 southern Asturias and some rather splendid scenery

Another hill.

A terrible place to pull over and take a break.

I love this pick of the village graveyard, with the row of old ladies sitting on the bench in the shade in the bottom corner.

What a horrible place to live!

Heading towrds the aptly named Picos de Europa. In Castille y Leon, northern Spain, N-621.

Up in the pointy stuff

Oh look, another lake!

The girlie

Misty morning mountains

Going down.

Down in the valleys.

San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria

Looking the other way across the mudflats

Just south of Burgos on the BU-820

Just south of Burgos on the BU-820

You find some funky things at the bottom of reservoirs. Road, LR-113 (bumpy as old buggery)

Think this house may suffer a little from damp!

View from my room in Los Arcos, Navarra. Nice way to start the day.

Great views from the NA-120 in Navarra, west of Pamplona

More of the same view.

Drowned trees

The derelict and abandoned village of Jánovas, just off the road. The inhabitants were (forcicbly) evicted in the 60's to make way for a hydro-electric dam. Many of the homes were rendered uninhabitable to prevent people returning, the school closed and water and electric cut. The dam was never built, and the fight for fair compensation still continues...

Kind of glad they didn't flood this pretty valley!

More of the same spot

Dam wedged into some impressive rocks on the border between Aragon and Cataluña, N-230.

Impressive rocky valley just below the dam

Looking quite dry in Cataluña

View from under a shadey tree just south of Talarn, my last night's stop on the trip.

A funky statue in a layby.

Top of a pass in Lleida, Cataluña

The road ahead..

Top of a pass on the N-260 southwest of Sort, Lleida in Cataluña

Near the French border heading away from Puigcerda on the N-152.

Further along the N-152 and some nice scenery

More cows.

One last pic of a hilly thing before turning towrds Barcelona and the ferry home.